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History of Swiss Turning or Screw Machining

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, an genius Italian Polymath. The drawings of screw-cutting machine by Leonardo from the 1500s have started the ideas of Screw Machining. Switzerland is the first country to develop Automatic Lathes that were used mainly in the Watch making industry in 1870s. These machines became known as Swiss Turning Machine or Swiss-type Screw Machine.

1970s, New technology was developed and CNC machines were introduced and “begun to make serious inroads into the realm of cam-op screw machines.”

Industry Standards:

  • ISO 9001 – 2008 Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant (upon requested)
  • Material Certification from Suppliers
  • Quality Control Management Policy



  • CNC Swiss-manufactured Screw Machines
  • CNC Milling Centers
  • Swiss manufactured Automatic Screw Machines
  • Swiss Automatic Lathe Cam

Secondary Services:

  • Alloy Steels
  • Drilling Machine
  • Vertical Milling Machine
  • Horizontal Milling Machine
  • Universal Milling Machine
  • Broaching machine
  • Tapping machine
  • Threading machine
  • Diamond tool grinder
  • Slotting Miller
  • OD&ID grinder
  • Centerless grinder
  • Surface grinder
  • Cam set maker
  • Tumbling, Deburring, Polishing, Cleaning, Descaling machines









Equipments for Inspection:

  • Mitutoyo Profile Projector PJ-300
  • Mitutoyo Profile Projector PJ-3000
  • Mitutoyo Optical comparator
  • Nikon Projector
  • Mitutoyo height gauge
  • Mitutoyo tool maker microscope
  • Wilson hardness tester
  • Mitutoyo Surf test (Roughness surface) SJ-301
  • Thread Pin Gauge, Thread Ring Gauge, Gauges Block.
  • Mitutoyo Thickness Gauge
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic internal caliper.
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic external caliper.
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic blade caliper.
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic disc micrometer.
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic thread micrometer
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic blade micrometer.
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic spline micrometer.
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic multi micrometer
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic depth micrometer.
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic bench micrometer
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic point micrometer.
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic crimp micrometer
  • Mitutoyo Laser Scan micrometer
  • Mitutoyo Digimatic ball indicator.
  • Chamfer checking gauge
  • Hole checking gauge
  • VMM Nikon CNC Veritas Video Measuring System
  • CMM Numerex USA Coordinate measuring machine.
  • SPC quality control networked computer for part evaluation.


  • Văn Phòng: Lô 11, Khu A1, Khu CN Tân Thới Hiệp, Phường Hiệp Thành, Quận 12, TP. Hồ Chí Minh
  • VF 1: Lô 11, Khu A1, Khu CN Tân Thới Hiệp, Phường Hiệp Thành, Quận 12, TP. Hồ Chí Minh
  • VF 2 : 116/1 Nguyễn Ảnh Thủ, Ấp Đông, Xã Thới Tam Thôn, Huyện Hóc Môn, TP. Hồ Chí Minh
  • VF 3 : 5/12 Ấp Thới Tứ 2, Xã Thới Tam Thôn, Huyện Hóc Môn, TP. Hồ Chí Minh
  • VF ĐN: Lô 9 Đường số 1, Cụm Cộng Nghiệp Thanh Vinh Mở Rộng Khánh Hòa, TP. Đà Nẵng